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Heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier Biography IX

PATRICK DOGS...."The Untold Story"

PATRICK DOGS...."The Untold Story"
by R.Jr.

When looking at the 90's American Pit Bull Terrier pedigree it is easy to see that
the "Patrick" family of dogs has become one of the Premier Families in the country.
This family is producing like the Colby family of the Early 1900's,thus becoming a
foundation element for many yards across the country.

This abstract is going to discuss many of the subtle influences this family has across
the globe. The Patrick cross has proven to be one of the most constant in terms of
producing winning dogs since the early 1970's. This family is based on BOLIO,
Maloney,and Clouse dogs with the key ingredient being BOLIO,or TOMBSTONE
depending on what region of the country you live in. The BOLIO X Ed Crenshaw
cross was established in the 70's when Lou Lewis bred CH.CATFISH ROM to
BOLIO ROM. The dogs from these breedings were winning in the Southwest
producing dogs like Lewis'ODESSA a 3x winner. There are still some great
BOLIO x Crenshaw crosses of these dogs in Mexico under the direction of
Antonio Bellon. These crosses have had tremendous success even against
modern day breeders such as James Crenshaw pushing his highly touted
CH GATOR to the limits.

I grew up in Texas,and in that region,the TONKA dogs were the Patrick
dogs of choice. Ronnie Anderson had bred many famous Champions with
TONKA (Patrick's RED BABY X TOMBSTONE,both ROM) before Pat Patrick
purchassed him back from Ronnie Anderson.

If all of TONKA's offspring that had make Champion had been registered,
TONKA would have had at least 10 points on the Register Of Merit list.
From TONKA's early breeding came dogs such as CH.BILLY,CH.SHAWN etc. These
dogs were off of CH.TONKA bred to great daughters of Anderson's
CH.RED BARON, a 6 time winner. These dogs have turned into a
seperate family of dogs called the TONKA/RED BARON family of dogs.

The gameness and ability has been very consistent in this family.
Producing modern day greats such as BUCKSKIN BILLY,BULL a 4x winner,
who I owned for a short time, CH.DIABLO, LEVI, HONKY TONK, Anderson's
BULL, LITTLE EVE and CH.SAMBO. There was also a son of TONKA in the
Lone Star state named RED ROCK owned by the late Bobby D.Smith. ROCK was
a supergame 2x winner and fabulous producer siring loads of great dogs for
Mike N.Crabb,B.D.Smith,Dean Wise,McKnight,Johnny G.and others. ROCK's most
famous son is Keyes'MEATHEAD. MEATHEAD has sired about 50 1x winners and a
load of great dogs. Some of MEATHEAD's progeny have been 3 hour dogs which
is a consistant expection with these dogs.

TONKA's sister CH.SNUBBY was bred to a BOOMERANG male and produced
King Limey's TUG ROM. TUG was bred to King Limey's NELIS ROM and
produced 3 or 4 Champions in 1 litter. NELIS was a double grandson of
Hammond's RUFUS ROM. This is a strong cross establishing
Champions and Register Of Merits on two different continents.

Greenwood's Delta

Greenwood’s Delta

In the early 1970’s my brother and I were trying to obtain first rate bulldogs. I liked the idea of purchasing pups off top producing bitches or
getting pups from repeat breedings that had already produced winners. The first pup cane from Maurice Carver sire by J. Carver’s NIGHT
TRAIN out of Art’s MISSY. Another pup was Carver’s LIPSTICK who was from a repeat breeding of Whistel’s STOMPER and J. Carver
STORMY, both of whom were sired by BULLYSON. A repeat breeding of Davis MIDNIGHT COWBOY and Hand’s CANDY produced the
"SEA TRAIN" puppy. We also obtained two bitch pups off Greenwood’s MS. HOLLADAY sired by Maloney’s DAVIS. MS. HOLLADAY
had already produced Greenwood’s BLACK SABBATH (4X winner), COBRA (3x winner), MARTHA WHITE, and J.D. In addition, MS.
HOLLADAY was bred to Greenwood’s OAKIE to produce O. Steven’s CH HOMER, Kuemmerling’s CH FREDDIE, and Greenwood’s 3x
winner MOUNTAIN BOY. Ralph had named the red-red nose bitch SCARLET and the more powerfully built buckskin DELTA. I did not care
for red-red nose bulldogs because I associated this color with a lack of match ability. So we kept DELTA and sold SCARLET to STP who had
also purchased SEA TRAIN. STP rolled an adult SCARLET into a ZEBO/SEA TRAIN bitch. SCARLET never quit but did not show the ability
needed to win against good competition so SCARLET was sold to Island Kennels where she produced winners when bred to Giroux’s

DELTA was a young bitch when Carver’s LIPSTICK (double grand daughter of BULLYSON) was about two years old. LIPSTICK (or
CHIGGER as we called her) was cold but delighted in running full blast and smashing into DELTA. CHIGGER was protective about her four
pups by SNOOTY (one of those pups was the 4x winner CH SUGAR) and DELTA liked to tease CHIGGER by seeing how close she could get
to the whelping box before CHIGGER would come charging out. The two bitches competed against each other even though they never scrapped. One day during a walk across a cow
pasture, DELTA and CHIGGER spotted an old boar raccoon away from a tree. Both bitches wanted the coon and had a tug of war with him. DELTA was not started, but I wanted to breed
her to Lonzo’s MIKE (Lonzo’s ANDY x Lonzo’s FAY) before the warrior died. MIKE was a 2x winner into top competition and was bred the same way as Greenwood’s OAXIE/MS
HOLLADAY breeding which produced three champions.

Willie Brown not only had Lonzo’s MIKE, he also had the majority of the straight Lonzo stock at that time. Lonzo’s work history was erratic, but Willie provided a stable environment and
top care for these dogs. Willie and his wife kept what looked like two separate yards. On one side were all the family bred Lonzo dogs who were either black like ZEBO and MIKE or
red-red nose like VINDICATOR and BRANDY. Willie favored the red dogs considering them to be more game that the higher ability black dogs. On the other side were some brindle and
white dogs bred off a pet store bulldog crossed with some Lonzo stock. Willie told me that Lonzo despised these brindles because of their pet store ancestry. However Willie said that
several had shown game in rolls. The game test consisted of taking a bulldog across the tracks and rolling it for twenty minutes. If the dog stopped, it was "planted" on the spot, so only
the game ones came back across those railroad tracks.

Willie was particularly high on a red-red nose name HOYT who was sired by CUSH (ZEBO’s brother) bred to Brown’s RUNT (Lonzo’s Mike x Lonzo’s ANGIE). HOYT was a game dog,
but had an intense dislike of being ignored by his owners. The dog would seize the pants leg of anyone trying to exit his territory and drag them back into his chain. One day Mrs. Brown
had to rescue her husband who had been dragged across the ground by HOYT. In spite of this, the Brown’s thought well of the dog. When leaving HOYT’s chain, Willie would pick up
HOYT, backwards out he chain and then drop the dog while leaping backwards. Lonzo and his girlfriend drove up in a van. Hanging from the rear view mirror was a stuffed monkey
whose hands grasped a bright red oversized penis. I had a good laugh and went inside to meet Lonzo, who showed to be quite personable. Willie and I listened politely while Lonzo
talked about his dogs and his adventures over the years. Lonzo had an ugly looking black eye and told a lengthy tale about how he acquired it in a scrap with four men. Willie looked at
me and winked. Later on Willie told me that there was an element of explareation in the tales told that night.

The next morning we went out to breed DELTA to Lonzo’s MIKE. The old dog expected a bitch to be presented to him so he could breed without expending any energy. DELTA was
wiggling and squirming and MIKE lost interest in mating. MIKE’s tongue looked blue and he was gasping for air. I was thinking that MIKE might die right on the spot. If he expired, at
least he’d be happy as he went to the big kennel in the sky. Willie said we could artificially breed DELTA to MIKE. He walked into a shed, grabbed a dusty jar with a plastic straw. When
I expressed concern about the lack of sterility, Willie blew into the jar causing a cloud of dust to fill the air. The idea was to collect MlKE’s semen in the jar and then use the straw to carry
semen into DELTA. I vetoed at idea but left DELTA with Willie for a week to attempt a natural breeding. Willie was a man of his word and I did not hesitate to leave DELTA in his care. A
week later I picked up DELTA who had not "tied" with MIKE. The Browns wanted to purchase DELTA, but my brother and I did not want to sell her.

At two years of age, DELTA was not started, so she was sent to Farmer John in exchange for a puppy off her and SNOOTY. This breeding produced DEARA, the only dog to pass my
game test. We were not patient enough to let DELTA mature before writing her off as a cold bulldog. Close to a year later, I was visiting Atlas and he told me about a top notch bitch. It
seems that his DOLEMITE bitch (off Stinson + Glover’s 4X winner DOLEMITE) had been wrecked by this hard mouth bitch who turned out to be none other than DELTA. In addition to
being talented, DELTA also proved to be game in subsequent rolls. I wanted to get DELTA back and encouraged my partner Acme to purchase her from Farmer John. We had Mim’s
KATIE (SNOOTY x HANNAH PATCH) at the same pit weight so we held DELTA back for breeding and campaigned KATIE.

DELTA’s second litter was sired by Reddick’s CH PETERBILT, which proved to be disappointing as were the majority of PETERBILT pups. The idea of crossing DELTA back into the
Lonzo stock was still on my mind. Lonzo’s MIKE was dead so DELTA was bred to Mountain Man’s GATOR (ZEBO X LONESOME) who had shown to be a good bulldog. On the way
back, we were trapped in a snow storm in the Appalachian Mountains. At one point, we were stuck in a valley, unable to push the car up either side. I was hoping that the GATOR X
DELTA pups would be worth this extraordinary effort needed to make this breeding. The resulting litter produced four pups, two of which were excellent bulldogs. I named a Zebo
looking (black + squarely built) bitch LAVERNE after a T.V. show that I despised called "Laverne & Shirley". LAVERNE was a powerful bitch and this trait carried her to victory over a
hard mouth Alligator bred bitch. I bred LAVERNE to HARGROVES 6X winner RUFUS (Cowboy blood) which produced Baliel’s CRISSIE, Acme’s SIMON, St. B’s KATRINA and several
other pit winners. CRISSIE was bred back to her sire to produce Cottingham’s MISS RUFUS and Harriott’s QUEENIE who excelled as both a match dog and brood bitch. LAVERNE was
bred to P&C’s BLACK SON to produce the devastating Gregory’s BUZZ. LAVERNE’S brother Acme’s SPARTAN won for me over Gusto & Bobby’s BATMAN (a 6X winner) in 1:30.
BATMAN’S battering ram scratches could knock an opponent senseless. SPARTAN negated this tactic by scratching out of turn or by shifting to the side at the last second before
BATMAN made contact.

DELTA remained on Acme’s yard and never whelped another litter to my knowledge. I had relocated to another area, but one day I inquired about the old gal. Acme told me that
DELTA’S health was fading and if I wanted her, I could have her. DELTA received the best veterinary care possible, but we were fighting a losing battle. In the Fall of 1984 DELTA died.
My girlfriend and I buried her in an orchard. She had been a tough dependable bulldog and her legacy was carried on by her daughters DEARA and LAVERNE.

... Barney Fife

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